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Strategic Consulting

AC Transit State of Good Repair

AC Transit State of Good Repair

California, United States

Client: Alameda-Contra Costa Transit

WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff Role: Strategic Consulting

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AC Transit, which provides bus service to 200,000 riders per day in Oakland, California, hired Parsons Brinckerhoff to improve the system’s safety, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction through better asset management practices. Although the agency has been maintaining its assets since the organization’s inception, it faces a significant challenge to optimizing its practices—with the need to incorporate industry standards into its existing plans and institutionalize the change associated with these improvements.
The approach includes the following activities: assessing current vehicle and facility maintenance practices; preparing fleet and facility maintenance plans with established asset policies, performance measures, and supportive processes; assessing the agency’s asset condition; prioritizing most critical repairs; conducting on-site training/mentoring to ensure that improved practices are institutionalized; and assessing existing asset management information systems.
The Parsons Brinckerhoff team approach focuses on strategies that provide the tools necessary for AC Transit to execute corrective actions and sustainable programs that can improve its state of good repair. Our approach provides not only short-term solutions (focusing on the most critical, immediate needs), but supports long-term planning and coordination among multiple functions within the organization. This approach includes evaluating, leveraging, and improving existing systems and processes, while also introducing and implementing industry best practices.

About Strategic Consulting

Changing infrastructure priorities, ongoing market reforms, aging assets, emerging technologies, new political mandates and uncertain economic conditions make managing an efficient and sustainable organization a complex task. We provide strategic consulting services to help clients solve business and operational problems throughout the entire business cycle and set the foundation for project delivery. Leaders of infrastructure businesses, whether public or private, face the challenges and opportunities of identifying needs, developing concepts, determining feasibility, gaining permits, delivering and then operating projects. These leaders recognize the need for assistance to solve problems prior to, during, and after projects are delivered. In the course of helping clients with these challenges, we leverage our technical expertise in infrastructure, our client knowledge, and our local presence. By integrating both strategic and technical expertise, we get to know the “whole client” from the executive leadership to the managers who deliver the projects. We create value for clients by providing deep industry understanding and knowledge, access to senior management with operational experience, rather than just consulting experience, and a fully integrated package of services across a project’s complete lifecycle. These factors result in high quality products and sound advice for our clients that are good value for money.